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    1. 訪客您好,歡迎進入上海(丹陽市)鵬海旅游用品有限公司!

      86-0511-86628799|中文版 | English



      地 址:江蘇省鎮江市皇塘鎮(奧丹奴旁)
      郵 編:212327
      電 話:86-0511-86628799
      傳 真:86-0511-86629221
      聯系人:張云海(先生) / 凌長虹(女士)
      手 機:18912826588
      郵 箱:zyh@penghaioutdoor.com

      Shanghai Penghai Tourism Products Co., Ltd.is a professional company that develops, produces and sells tourist products.

      Since its inception, the company has been devoted to the research and development, production and sales of tents, sleeping bags, self-filling mats, moisture-proof mats and other camping products. The company has advanced production equipment, using advanced production technology, production and sales of various grades of outdoor goods.

      Companies create“Cmarte”Brand, its products are novel in style, bright in color, excellent in quality, has been praised by the industry for many times, and enjoys a high reputation in the field of outdoor goods.

      Since the company started its business, in line with the purpose of creating more value for customers, colleagues and the country, we have actively explored and made progress and continuously developed new products.

      Share the achievements of enterprise development with partners, operate legally and honestly, take the mission of the company as the driving force, and devote all efforts to make the brand value-added! uuuuuuuu

      Founded in 2001, the company has passed the ISO 9001:2008 product quality system certification, mainly engaged in tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cushions and other research and development design and sales.CmarteOutdoor brand is the company's own brand, has won the trust of consumers, while the company also undertakes OEM orders, products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries.

      The company has advanced production equipment, using advanced production technology, production and sales of various grades of outdoor tourism leisure products, tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, picnic mats, mountain bags and other series.

      Company products

      Contact us

      Name Shanghai Penghai Tourism Products Co., Ltd.
      Address Huangtang Town, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province (beside Odannu)
      Zip code 212327
      Contacts Mr. Zhang Yunhai/Ms. Ling Changhong
      Mobile phone 18912826588
      Telephone 86-0511-86628799 / 86-0511-85186558
      Fax 86-0511-86629221
      E-mail zyh@penghaioutdoor.com
      地址:江蘇省鎮江市皇塘鎮(奧丹奴旁)|郵編:212327|電話:86-0511-86628799 / 86-0511-85186558
      傳真:86-0511-86629221|聯系人:張云海(先生) / 凌長虹(女士)
      蘇ICP備09052900號 |Copyright ? 2018 上海(丹陽市)鵬海旅游用品有限公司 All Rights Reserved

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